RTW: p46c – WC 2006 – Australia V Croatia

Off to Stuttgart for the Australia V Croatia Match. Apparently Stuttgart is the biggest Croatian city outside of Croatia! And we could tell as we were clearly out numbered about 10-1 at the Fan Fest. Also a note about the fountain, it was circled by port-a-loos, apparently because during a match some Holland Fans died it orange!

We needed at least a Draw to go through to round 2. There is also a lot of cross breeding amongst the teams too, even our captain Dukes (Mark Viduka) is of Croatian Decent. It is set to be a tough and brutal game, Croats have a height and definite support advantage, good thing Dukes is big and strong, and the Aussies can shoulder with the best of em.

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/0oH7u3Mm5Jg w=425 h=325]

Just a minute and a half in, and the Croats get a free kick, and its in. Down 0-1.
37″ Tim Cahill gets palmed in the face and offered a free kick which he takes, 1-1.

2nd Half and Aussies are fired up, pushing hard and making shot after shot but just missing the target. It is Croatia that scores at 56″. At 72″ Aussies are so close to scoring, blocked but with part of the ball on the line. But at 78″ Harry Kewell boots it in! 2-2 and Australia simply needs to hold the last 15min to progress to the next round. It got very frantic and very close, with yellow and red cards being handed out, and a final goal by Aus just after the final whistle so it didn’t count. Result, 2-2, Australia is through to round 2!!!!

Bruce Arena can kiss our asses!

The arrogant American Coach tried to dismiss Australia as a low-rank team, yet it is US who is going through to ROUND TWO and the USA who is NOT!! HAHAHAHAH

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