RTW: p9 – Sakura House / Studio Ghibli

Well I’ve finally left the comfort of my Japanese Family and into a Share house in Nakanosakaue / Shinjuku. It quite possibly used to be an old prison looking at the doors, but its friendly enough 🙂

After ditching my bags I rushed to Kichijoji to go to Studio Ghibli Museum! Only Phil will know this place, Hayao Myazaki is a great Anime director, including the Famous ‘Spirited Away’, ‘Princess Mononoke’, ‘Totoro’. He strictly keeps to traditional animation techniques and produces great features.
The museum was crazy, some awesome displays of animation styles, original story board art etc. Its geared towards kids with many low roofs and tunnels, making it hard for us 6ft people to get around.
The gift shop only stole a small amount of my cash 🙂

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