RTW: p8 – Oedo Onsen

Hot Springs, Saunas and Ice Candy. What a great way to escape the cold.

Hajime’s friend Matsu (a drifter) picked us up in his VR4 wagon and drove to Odaiba’s Ooedo Onsen – Kind of a hot spring theme park – doing 160 on the bridge. Nice.
Numerous indoor and outdoor hot springs (natural water dug from way down), alcohol and food on sale, saunas, games and options for massage etc. You couldn’t possibly go back to work after visiting here, its too relaxing. Followed by Kakigori (like a snow cone) and you won’t want to move. I guess thats why they also offer accommodation – And i think it even has Traditional Style rooms, so you can walk through the walls Simpsons’ style!
Odd to think that Sydney was actually hotter on New Year’s Day than the water was! HAH!
U can Keep your 45 degrees!

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