Akemashite Omeditogozaimasu!

This morning the local Ohayashi (a group in costumes playing music and 2 dragons which ‘bite’ you for good fortune in the new year) came around to all the houses. If it wasn’t already, 2006 is all about me. Well a few of us actually, as its the year of the Dog! 1982 was year of the dog, (when I was born) so if you were born then or on multiples of 12 either side, this is our year. That includes you mum 🙂

BTW, if you thought J-TV wasnt crazy enough, try the NYE countdown variety show including: More Singing and dancing than Eurovision, More Transvestites than a Korean beauty pageant, Darth Vader and the Storm Dancers, and More Cuddly Costume Characters than Disneyland.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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